Thursday, February 3, 2011

♥ Neon

I ♥ BOLD, NEON PIECES! I'm already thinking about warm weather...ahhh. Aren't we all? I've been thinking about what I can stock my closet with - so many fun, new trends for Spring. I've been eyeing everything neon: dresses, purses, and jewelry! The trend started in the 80's and we all know trends ALWAYS come back. Long live the 80's!

[Photos: Tory Burch, Elle]


Shen Dove said...

These pics are making me long for spring too!

Robyn said...

Neon yellow paired with gray has always been a favorite color combo of mine.

The Over-Analyst said...

I can't wait for Spring! When I wear neon now, I just look like I belong on the slopes in the 80's.