Thursday, February 10, 2011


I had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Kate Walsh about her new fragrance, BOYFRIEND. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I could not NOT share this! The world is brain washed to think on this day, we must have "someone" to celebrate the love between one another. Which is why I love the whole idea behind the inspiration of the scent. Kate came up with the idea about 6 years ago when her and her boyfriend broke up and she was in New York shopping and missed him...missed his fragrance that is. We've all been there. Our mind goes back there when certain things set it off. When I asked her what she thinks the scent will give a woman or make her feel like, she simply said, "Ok, you know what? I've got my boyfriend in a box. It's totally cool." She wanted that feeling, whether a guy is in the picture or not. When you get the train case it has a little note that says, "WEAR THE RED DRESS." On her webimmercial (which you have to check out HERE), she wanted to feel the spirit of "WEAR THE RED DRESS." It's about the spirit of feeling good and feeling sexy for yourself - whether there's a guy in the picture or not.

Celebrity fragrances are popular because celebrities are spectacular at promoting their product but who's behind the scenes? Kate is all over this fragrance - the creation, designing the package and really coming up with the marketing campaign. Cheers to Kate - a celebrity who is doing it the right way.

I've been watching her videos all day - not only are they sexy, they are fun and playful too! You can view them HERE.

Click HERE to buy BOYFRIEND.

Not only have I discovered a beautiful fragrance, I've discovered another beautiful person. Keep doin' what you're doin' Kate;)

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