Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The movie, "Up in the Air" is a movie I find interesting. It shows obsession with motivation, but also shows how disclosure of one's feelings becomes destructive.

The main character, Ryan is constantly traveling, constantly in the air. When he touches ground, it's only to lay off people and off he goes again. 'To know me is to fly with me' is Ryan's motto. If something does not provide him with miles, it is of no value to him.

The interesting part of the movie is when he decides to disclose his feelings for Vera. However, it ends badly. When the fantasy of his relationship with Vera breaks, it's too much of a responsibility for Ryan to handle so he disappears.

Ryan is a narcissist. They are often emotionally cold and distant in their relationships. In the beginning of relationships, they appear to be very loving and happy. But after a while, things start to change and the mask begins to unfold. You might think how is it possible this person who expressed eternal love towards Vera doesn't care anymore. Ryan truly feels he loves Vera but because of his inability to experience deep emotion, it only lasts for a brief moment...and his never-ending search for excitement continues.

At the end of the movie, the scene cuts to clouds - it's the moment when the audience gets to think about what they want in their life.

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