Monday, January 31, 2011


Who said Curry Hill doesn't have great restaurants. Having moved 4 times in Murray Hill (embarrassing), I have my list of favorite "secret" restaurants. One being Penelope. Without a doubt, Penelope is in my TOP TEN out of all restaurants in NYC (FYI - I am a FOODIE). Maybe it's the fact that it's a block from my apartment. Maybe it's the warm cozy atmosphere. Maybe it's because everytime one of my gf's is in town for work, it's our spot. MAYBE it's because the food is better than....pretty close. And although I've tried everything on the menu, my signature order is the "When Veggie Met Sally Salad and a glass of Sparkling Shiraz". And if I have a group of friends with me, the Spinach & Artichoke mouth is watering now. Check out the menu. I would consider myself a "regular". The waiters pretend they don't know my order but when I start ordering, I swear they are mouthing my order at the same time. It always makes me smile.


StaceyLeigh said...

Its actually "When Veggie Met Sally Salad w/ cheese on the side and a glass of Sparkling Shiraz".

The Over-Analyst said...

You know me too well!