Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Valentine

So who liked it and who hated it? The crew I went with thought it was depressing. It's a movie without a happy ending and many people go to the movies "to feel good." So of course some people are going to walk out and be confused. In a weird way, I walked out with a smile. For some strange reason, the majority of my favorite movies are movies without happy endings: Closer, Pay It Foward, Terms of Endearment, Romeo & Juliet, 500 Days of Summer...the list goes on. They are movies that feel real to me. I'm a big believer in "all good things come to an end." Not trying to be pessimistic here but it's reality. Bad things happen to good people - it's life and it's what we deal with every day. It's comforting to know that the movie business have the same opinions. Life is not a fairytale and it's up to us to keep on going. What I saw in Blue Valentine was a beautiful love between two people and how sometimes the love doesn't last. It happens every day to people and I'd rather sit through a movie like this and accept reality then sit through a rom com and live life in denial.

In an interview with Current TV, Michelle Williams said, "It's built up so much over time to be so many things along the way. And I think for me, I discovered that it's not, 'How do I leave this guy?' but that the two of them are broken. It's me that I can't live with. It's me that I'm trying to run away from."

And they sure did clean up nice.

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