Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Workouts on a Budget

The hardest part about maintaining your workout routine is getting your booty to the gym - it's half the battle. And as much as everyone likes to say the money is worth putting towards a gym, the cost of a gym membership can really get up there...especially for us, New Yorkers. $100/month? Equivalent to a pair of shoes, a hot dress, dinner with friends...or money spent toward home workout gear. Each piece of equipment below is under $100. At the most, you will spend $400 max and the life span for the equipment lasts for years. And, well, gym membership only lasts for a month.

Essential items for a home workout:

1.) Cardio Training Equipment
Options: jump rope; stepping machine; step-block; aerobic exercise DVDs; cable TV exercise on-demand channel.

2) Strength Training Gear
Options: hand weights (free weights); low end bench; resistance bands.

3) Balance Equipment
Options: burst-resistant stability balls, non-burst-resistant stability balls, soft foam exercise pads; wobble boars; gel-based balance beams; balance dome; hand weights (free weights); low end bench; resistance bands.

4) Flexibility Training Gear
Options: slant board; stretching bands; foam rollers; mat and towel.

If you're missing those classes, try thee home workout DVDs below - you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour!

via WebMD

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