Sunday, March 27, 2011

Live In The Moment

"Ever feel like you operate in only three modes: rewind, play and fast-forward? It's time to hit pause and take a breath. Because as Ferris Bueller, the king of carpe diem, once said, 'Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.' So let go of past mistakes, stop stressing over daily deadlines and forget your fears about the future. You can look at life either as a series of hours and minutes in which to accomplish tasks, or as a series of moments and experiences to be noticed, relished and lived. Turn down the volume on the noisy racket that is your daily grind and cultivate the habit of enjoying life's simpler gifts. Indulge in small pleasures and you may find that the world doesn't spin quite as fast as it used to."

Try these...

Smile at everyone who meets your eye
Do something unexpected
Follow your instincts
Surprise someone at least once a month
Spend a day away from the computer
Allow yourself to be wild, crazy and irresponsible every once in a while
Live your dreams instead of dreaming your life
Spontaneously kiss a stranger
Go barefoot
Think less and do more
Live for today
Give a flower to a stranger
Be more spontaneous
Dance in the street
Stop planning and start doing
Turn off your cell phone and don't check your email for an entire weekend
Say "shut up and kiss me"
Live your life unplanned

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