Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yoga is Good For the Mind

If you haven't tried Yoga, ya NEED to. I used to be an avid Yogi but I let life get in the way and I stopped. Right now, life is crazy hectic and I'm craaaaving it. A lot of people tend to think the physical part of Yoga is the most important part. NOPE. I actually practice Yoga to better my breathing. It teaches me to better use my lungs which benefits the entire body. I feel a sense of calming in the central nervous system. Yoga also calms my mind, reduces stress, & makes me more aware of my body. More importantly, I gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence. And then of course, there are physical results: flexibility, strength, muscle tone & pain prevention. I know some people have tried it and said "this is not for me." In my opinion, you need to try again. I think so many people go into Yoga focusing on the physical benefits. Spend some time and adapt to Yoga - promise, you will start feeling the mental benefits & you'll be hooked.

Jen Aniston did say, "It completely changed my life."


Hallie said...

I've been yoga-ing for about a year now - I love it! Vinyasa and Bikram are my favorite practices, but I find it really challenging to mentally check out during them! What's your secret?

Love your blog, looking forward to posts to come!

-Hallie :)

The Over-Analyst said...

Hi Hallie-

I completely understand what you are saying! Being a girl that can never seem to "turn it off", I found this quite difficult as well. But I definitely think it's important to pick the right class. Some yoga classes get exceptionally crowded and I could never find a way to relax because I could practically hear the person next to me breathing. You need the right atmosphere to become completely relaxed...meaning the right amount of space, the right music, the right temperature, & the right instructor. Once you find your perfect class, you're good to go. It took me a few times to get it right. And sometimes you may have to fork out some more money to get the right class.

My favorite classes are Vinyasa & Bikram as well! I'm trying to venture out but I'm hooked on Bikram. However, if I don't feel completely hydrated, I'll skip out on the Bikram - I've seen people faint before!

So happy you love the blog! I just checked out Corals & Cognacs...such an amazing blog! Can't wait to read more:)