Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Familiar Crossroads

So I've just returned from HELL! The last couple weeks, there was beyond way too much on my plate. It was more than I could handle...physically, mentally and emotionally. Hence the MIA. You know those times when things aren't going your way and no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change? We get down with the fact we don't have the power to change those things. But do we ever step back and think that maybe this a sign to let go and think outside the box? Life is a series of cross roads. At times you come to fairly easy cross roads. They appear easy because you know (or think you know) what you want. At times you keep coming back to the same crossroad...over and over. You feel as if you are going in circles and the path you've always chosen isn't getting you where you want to be. And you start to wonder about that path you've never chosen. Is it worth taking? I think eventually you get to a point where the only answer is YES.

[Photos: Lori Greig]

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